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2022 02 01

We are starting to produce the new frameless catamaran.

2021 12 08

Dear travelers. Please note that we already have a queue for our production for several months so plan your trips and orders in advance.

2021 12 08

Recently increased use of our kayaks in difficult mountain rivers in Scandinavia and Alps. To meet increased expectations in white water, we are starting modernization of primarily "Meridian" but also other kayaks. Changes include elongated straight middle part and raised front and back parts of kayaks, back rest will no longer be fastened but will have two fixation points. Knee straps will have three fixation points. All of the above will enhance stability and maneuverability in white water, however, primary focus of our kayaks remains long term autonomous trips but not white water sports - this is the reason why our construction is different from currently popular packrafts.

2021 05 18

We are starting to produce the new 4 kg weight kayak model "Onkilon".

2020 12 20

We are starting to produce the new low weight two seater canoe model "Indraya”.

2020 04 06

We start to produce extra light version of kayak "Meridian" (5 kg). This version is designed as a result of demand for high load capcity kayak for long-lasting trips for experienced travelers.

2019 09 22

Dear travelers, please note that we already have a queue for production until mid of January so encourage you to plan your orders for 2020 season in advance.

2019 02 19

As peak season for our production is coming, we encourage travelers to plan their orders in advance. For now we have a queue for two months in advance, shorter term orders may be declined or fulfilled with extra fees.

2019 01 19

We are starting to produce the new faster kayak model "Timan-3,6" and the new light capacious Expedition boat "Ursa".

2017 01 03

New versatile kayak "Eridan", made of special materials, is tested and launched into production. It weighs only 5,0 kg.

2016 09 23

In our production list - new expeditionary canoe "Ivlanda". Testing both in Lithuania and mineralogical expedition in Polar Ural showed that it has even better operational features then our popular kayak "Laplanda". For more information check here.

2012 12 03

We are starting to use new materials, therefore there are some changes in prices of our boats. Characteristics of some boats are changed too. More information will be published in our website soon.

2012 02 07

We are launching a new low-priced two-seater canoe model "Luvenga". You can see characterisation and picture here. New model will be exposed in the international exhibision of hunt and fishery in Moscow on February 15–19, 2012.

2011 06 15

A specific six meters long motor catamaran, constructed on customer's reply for upstream travel to upper reaches of the river in uninhabited regions, was tested successfully. Tubes of catamaran weight 26 kilograms. Frame can be made following "Mustang" pattern from local trees (6 spars) or carrying aluminum frame (6,5 kilograms). During the trial the catamaran with the engine "Tohatsu" of 5 horsepower in a distance of 14 kilometers and partial power was boating 15 km/h of average speed. The catamaran was made with lifting capacity of 400 kg (four people with stuff).

2011 03 10

A new light version of expeditionary kayak "Timan" has been created with weight of only 5,4 kg. Find more information about "Timan" here.

2011 01 24

A new two–seater expeditionary boat "Medeina" with extremely small weight – only 8,3 kg – has been created recently for long autonomic trips of various complexities. We take orders for production. More information about "Medeina", see here.

2010 07 21

Dear travelers and fans of wild nature, unexplored routes and white waters! Since the earliest ages people have been using pure natural water paths for acknowledgement and assimilation of our native planet Earth. Nowadays these paths of uninhabited, wild areas are still important for travelers, workers and adventurers. Our production of inflatable boats is in a first place directed to those, whose work, holidays or simply lifestyle is connected with distant, uncivilized nooks of earth. We hope that our new website will assist you in finding your best option from our most popular boating devices that are being constantly constructed or by making your own order for specific construction applied to your trip conditions.

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