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"Drakar" inflatable tourist boats are made from modern polymeric textures of two–layer from Belgium tilt texture (polyester (PE) texture with polyvinylchloride (PVC) coating). The upper layer is made from thick technical polyamide (PA) texture (Cordura, Avizent, Nylon Oxford). For long and complicated trips with very high requirements for weight and reliability, we construct boats with special light reinforced bottom layer for coating from PE texture with PVC and polyurethane (PU) cover, or Cordura, which highly increases resistance to attrition. Three–dimensional shape of bottom layer is obtained thermically, while the one of upper layer is created with welt from moisture and UV resistant PE threads. These threads are also used to attach the lower and the upper parts of the coating.

The inner air keeping balloons are made from English "Carrington" produced PA texture, covered with PU membrane. Welts are made thermically. Weight, color and price of boat depend on client’s choice of textures for construction.

Inflation union is originally constructed, direct, without reverse valve, which makes inflation of large volume tourist boats much easier. All boats have original self bailing system installed, with leaks sited above waterline. Therefore, unlike production of other manufacturers, our boats do not carry water inside and inflatable bottom is streamlined and lifting.

Construction and texture guarantees boat resistance to natural obstacles, solar radiation and rotting (it is not necessary to dry boat each time after boating). However, as well as other inflatable devices, our boats, while out of waters, have to be secured from rapid pressure increase with heat of direct sunray. Hence, pulled out of water boat must be kept in a shadow or pressure must be controlled by letting out a portion of air. When boating in inhabited areas, boats must be secured from sharp metal things and glass chips. Willing to use inner balloons as long as possible, a precise washing to remove all the sand grains must be applied after each boating.

One year warranty and post warranty services are given to all of our products. Repair is made at producers. Dirty or wet boats are not being repaired. Warranty is not applied in cases of blowing the coating of the boat due to sun heat, ripping it to sharp artificial obstacles, or by damaging inner balloons with sand accumulated between balloons and coating.

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