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Expedition Canoe "Arktika"
Expedition Canoe "Medeina"
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Expedition boat "Ursa"
Kayak for creaking "Edelveis"
Kayak for high class whitewater "Meridian"
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Kayak "Eridan"
Canoe "Birveta"
Canoe "Lukna 4,7"
Canoe "Ivlanda"
Catamaran with round tubes
2–seater catamaran with minimal frame (2 cross pieces) "Mustang"


Kayak for high class whitewater "Meridian"

Lenght – 3,2 m, width – 1,02 m, tube – 0,36 m, load capacity – 160 kg, weight – 7,0/5,8 kg, price – 500/600 EUR

"Meridian" is designed for difficult mountain rivers with high density of obstacles and strong current. It can be distinguished for really high stability and manoeuvrability. Due to its small weight, Meridian can be also used as a general kayak in less complicated routes with large proportion of walking-tour. It is not recommended to use in quiet rivers. It is also used as an one-seat enlarged load capacity kayak for fishermen and higher-weight travelers.

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